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I cover advertising, marketing and media for Advertising Age and Creativity.

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Open uri20140414 5832 1e3qzsy article
Advertising Age

Tug-o-War in Toyland

Mattel and Hasbro throw down.

Open uri20130910 17301 15bdlmz article
Advertising Age

An MBA in Design? What Does That Look Like?

To see how business schools are combining design thinking with more traditional business programs, we spent a day at such a program.

2012 08 20 article
Advertising Age

Meet the Man Behind Nike's Neon-Shoe Ambush

You probably don't know Martin Lotti. But if you watched the Olympics, you are definitely familiar with his handiwork.

Stringio article

Frat Boys Get an MBA Without the IOU at Enterprise

For a salary of up to $40,000 a year, the car rental company puts recruits through a grueling, 12-month management training program designed to teach them how to sell absolutely anything.

Open uri20130910 16008 na0tot article
Advertising Age

Will New CMO, Agency Put E-Trade's Baby to Bed?

Is it bye-bye baby? The campaign is showing its age.

Open uri20131203 7824 1hjn4tz article

CNN Digital Debuts New Election Homepage has unveiled a refurbished homepage this Election Day, an attempt by the company's design team to simplify the enormous amount of polling data that will be coming in, as well as tailor its offering to the various types of users that will be accessing the site Tuesday.

Open uri20131203 13234 pvh4ph article

In Honor of 'Mad Men's' Return, See Our Favorite Ads from the 1960s

By: Ann-Christine Diaz,Shareen Pathak, Published: Apr 04, 2013. E-mail | Print |. How does Don Draper measure up to the...

Award article
Advertising Age

Australia and New Zealand Agencies Snag 144 Lions at Cannes

Who says we're small potatoes?

Open uri20130910 18179 19gmfxo article
Advertising Age

NBA Sets Sights On Next Potential Market: India

But can it ever eclipse cricket?

Advertising Age

Coke is Trying to Save the World With Soda

A new vending machine from the company wants to bridge the divide between India and Pakistan.

413844 new york s digital chief rachel sterne emails it in marketing and  article

New York's Digital Chief Rachel Sterne Emails It in

A Q&A with NYC's new tech chief,

Open uri20130910 30036 1291ihf article
Advertising Age

Can an Actor Be in Too Many Ads?

We've seen those faces before.

Open uri20130910 18179 1kr3z2i article
Advertising Age

When Is a Campaign Too Creative for Comfort?

As marketers try to push boundaries, where should they stop?